Exciting new this month

First this hasn’t been a great time for me since Christmas with another UTI to deal with and the most terrible irritation but, doing my best to deal with it all. I am now back on the Demannose in hopes that will help.

Now to the exciting news from Jill Osborne of the IC Network first was the new book she is saying is an absolute must to read for physicians and patients alike, the book is “Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain a Holistic approach for relief” written by Jerome M. Weiss M.D. It is available on Amazon and also the I.C. Network is now selling it for a cheaper price.

There are now a couple of new supplements out that are supposed to be very good. Bladder Rest

Bladder Builder

Peaora – this is suppose to be having very good results.

And coming out this month for those always fighting infections “PrVnt” a new formula the same company as above supplements have come out with. Would love to hear from you all out there if you have tried any of these and if so what results did you have?

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