Minor Miracle

Last night I had a minor miracle in that I thought I had slept right through till 7am but my husband said that I was up at 2am think I must have sleepwalked because don’t remember doing it , anyway still way better than the usual every 2 hours🙂 after suffering with intermittent low back pain for a number of years found out today that I have arthritis in my SI joints

If anyone is interested IC Support Canada is offering deals on supplements for I.C.

5 thoughts on “Minor Miracle

  1. Thanks for your blog posts! I have pain in SI joints. May I ask, how was the arthritis diagnosed? What are you doing for it?


    1. My doctor sent me for x-ray which showed the arthritis I find Tylenol arthritis helps a lot but one of the biggest things is I have to keep moving so right now I’m taking a short walk each day and trying to increase the distance each week also doing some stretching exercises I Googled For the joints. Thank you for checking in I really appreciate it I think it helps when we can share with each other


      1. Yes!!! It helps so much. Thanks for your reply. I am so happy to learn that moving helps you. I don’t know if my pain is from arthritis but I suspect it is and while I am used to exercising, I’ve been wondering if I might be making it worse. I will google for the stretches. Thanks!!!! 🙂


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