Courage and Faith

Well just going through a terrible bout of the flu but, thank goodness it has not triggered a flare up with my IC so feeling lucky there.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before or not but, I have suffered with terrible irritation and not been able to get rid of it even the doctors have done nothing to help. I do use Premarin for dryness and still have problems. Well during one of my searches at the drug store I came across Vagisil ph balance and you wash with it twice a day; I think it is actually helping so keeping me fingers crossed.

I have been trying to get Queen’s University to set up a website for IC where donations can be made for research and people can get a tax receipt since last year without any luck so far they keep telling me that they have to talk to the IC specialist here and decided how the money will be distributed. So far I am getting nowhere; I would love to organize a couple of walks for IC this year but it will be hard to do if I can’t offer tax receipts. I think I have said before Queen’s is the only university in Canada that does IC research and patient care. So I will keep on trying. Hope you all have a good day; Pauline

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