Life with Covid 19

Well thank God I have not gotten Covid 19 and I pray all my friends and anyone reading this is staying safe and practicing all the necessary rules.

I was doing really well there for a little while then I started suffering some of the symptoms of my I.C. again mostly the burning and irritation and getting up more at night again, There for awhile I was actually able to sleep for up to 4 hours at time and a couple of times actually slept through the night. I have so many questions with my IC and the cause of my problems. Last time I had a scope done it came back that my bladder was looking normal; if this is so then does that mean I can eat the things I love without suffering and its something else that triggers it. I know Stress plays a big part and I truly believe all the years I lived with the stress of living with an Alcoholic played a big part in my getting I.C. After reading “Breaking through Chronic Pelvic Pain” I know that I have had many of the things happen to me that could explain why I suffer but it is so expensive to go to a Pelvic Floor therapist I just can’t afford that and unfortunately since I have retired I can’t even afford the monthly cost of the natural medications I used to take.

One of The worst thing of all I have been suffering with in the past couple years is the terrible irritation I have. I have asked the doctors and have gotten no real answer what I can do, to what is causing it, and what I can do about it. I was given some cortisone cream by one to use which helps a little. I have tried everything I can over the counter without much luck and from what I understand you shouldn’t use any of them long term. I wish someone could give me an answer because it is literally driving me insane and I am so sore. I figure some of it is due to Menopause and dryness but I do use a vaginal cream for that. if anyone out there is reading this and can give me an answer I would be forever grateful.

Well that is enough of my complaining for one day; Hope you all stay safe and well out there and keep practicing your social distancing and hopefully this will be all over some day soon.

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