Lichen Sclerosis

Well as if I haven’t got enough to deal with having I.C. Today was given a diagnosis of Lichen Sclerosis another disease that effects the vulva. The irritation is almost unbearable. They say that wearing incontence pads or panty liners but in my case that’s something I can’t avoid. Been given a prescription cream to use twice a day. I’m wondering if anyone else with I.C. Is suffering from this, will have to pu t the word out there and try to find out.

After putting word out on the IC sites and talking to my nurse practioner is seem’s there are more than a few people with this disease so it looks like it could be another part of the I.C. story. I feel so sorry for anyone suffering with this I was told I’m in early stages but was shown pictures of it in later stages and it looks terrible. I think the Taro-Clobetasol cream I have been prescribed is starting to work. Thank God after 2 years of trying to find an answer and suffering with this I finally have an answer.

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