What a year so far

well 2020 has been a miserable one mostly so far; At the start of the year I was doing really good my I.C. seemed to be so much better and undercontrol; then I don’t know what happened things started going to pieces.

Apart from Covid restrictions which I handled ok my I.C. restarted up big time. Another UTI. The first time I went to the hospital 🏥 they said I didn’t have an infection so went home trying everything to treat it like a flare and nothing was working. Couldn’t get hold of my doctors office and was really suffering so thought of my naturopath who had tested urine samples before for me and thank goodness I did because has she put it I lit up the board. Went back to Hospital and they confirmed UTI and put me on Cipro right away because they were worried about my kidneys having suffered this over a two week period. I also had what I thought was cold sores on side of my mouth so checked on that and the doctor said no not cold sores but a sign of low blood count. Previously I had tried to give blood as usual but they wouldn’t do it because they said my blood was low. Anyways started to feel a bit better with the Ciprofloxacin but my bladder symptoms didn’t completely go away. I also had an infected gum in my mouth that was sending pain up into my ear. I treated that myself and got it under control.

Well managed to contact doctor with over the phone appointment and explained what was going on about my blood and that I had visited the E.R. with UTI. It was the resident and she sent me to have my blood checked. Results came back that almost everything was ok except my RDW was high which means some of my blood cells were larger than normal and should be checked for underlying disease or infections. Never heard anything back from doctor. Then because I was still suffering with my bladder I asked to get my urine tested again. Results came back from that: 1) Escherichia Coli: The urinary (not systemic) interpretation for Cefazolin can be used to predict susceptibility to Cephalexin(Keflex) for uncomplicated UTI. Two organisms seen in culture; second isolate is of doubtful significance and also says Ciprofloxacin Resistant. once again no comment from doctor.

So really getting fed up with getting no info from doctor and I am still suffering and getting very little sleep in process. I will be having a Cystoscope on the 8th with my urologist so don’t know what that will tell because the last ones showed my bladder had no uclers. I have been video conferencing with my physio therapist that does pelvic floor therapy at the hospital and she is very nice and being as helpful as she can and will finally get to meet in person on September 22nd really looking forward to that and hoping she can help me.

I have been seriously considering looking to change doctors but not sure if that would solve any problems as I think part of the problem with my doctor is he knows little to nothing about I.C. and also I am so sensitive to Medications that he doesn’t know what to do for me and therefore; I’m kind of getting ignored.

At present debating with myself whether to go back to emerg. and show them the lab results as well or try and tough it out until I can meet with my urologist. I was supposed to have had a follow up appointment with him on Sept. 17th but that has now been cancelled until October 30th.

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