September is I.C. Awareness Month

Image may contain: text that says "Did you know 52% of interstitial cystítis patients contemplate suicide? S c e? the pain isreal icawareness.6"
Only with the help of our family and I.C. friends can we not end up like this

It saddens my heart to learn the statistics for I.C. deaths; but certainly understand with all the terrible pain we suffer (some way worse than others) why it happens. We need answers badly to prevent anymore of this happening. I know there has been some big breakthroughs lately but, there are still those doctors out there that do not understand or even know anything about I.C. My own doctor case in point; He told me himself he doesn’t know what is going on with I.C. and therefore don`t know how to treat me. so basically I am pushed aside. So I think it is up to us to put the word out there which ever way we can to make the world and these doctors aware. I know more about I.C. then my family doctor does which to my mind is very sad I have to educate him on what is happening.

In closing all my best wishes and prayers go out to my I.C. brothers and sisters.

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