Update from last Post

Just to update on things; I went for my Cystoscope yesterday but unfortunately was unable to have it because they think I still have an infection. Getting really tired of all the infections I have had so many since last year. I have to go back now in about two weeks. One interesting thing I learned yesterday and I believe this is new so for those of you suffering like me with recurrent infections I would ask about this: there now is a treatment that covers the 5 most frequent UTI infections , it is taken orally under the tongue over a short period of time and will help stop the infections. I am hoping that they will give that to me or put me on a low dose antibiotic for a longer period of time.

I am now looking forward to the 22nd of this month when I finally get to meet face to face with my Pelvic Floor Therapist and I hope that there won’t be any infections stopping me from this. I will keep you all updated as to how things are going as they happen. Stay safe everyone and stay well I always like to say nothing lasts forever so we will keep the faith.

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