Clinical Trial

Hi everyone sorry it’s been awhile since last I wrote but been dealing with constant UTI’s there’s been 5 in the last 6 months; so I was picked to take part in a clinical trail for Uromune with Dr. Curtis Nickel here in Kingston. It is a vaccination against the top 5 bacteria causing UTI’s and although called a vaccination you actually put drops under your tongue. I started this on the 16th of October and you take it for 3 months and then followed for a year to see how you make out with the vaccination. During this time so far I have had no side effects with the vaccine. I had a UTI at the very start of program and I now have another. While talking to Dr. Nickel’s nurse practioner this morning she informed that because of taking the vaccine in small measures it takes up to 6 months even to take full affect and that it is showing that those living with bladder wall pain are getting ease from the pain. So I am praying that this will be the case for me and that these UTI’s will stop.

Dealing with Covid lockdown and not being able to walk regular or go for rides because of all the UTI’s and the affects of them it has really brought me down and I’m having a very hard time dealing with everything. Doing my best right now to get into the spirit of the season and especially trying to count my blessing for the good things in my life which first on my list is my husband who is always so supportive of me even though he is dealing with his own disabilities of COPD and Arthritis. I always try to keep in mind those so much worse off than myself, those dealing with other diseases along with I.C., those with Cancer and more; along with those front line workers that are dealing with Covid 19.

I wish everyone the best of the season and keep you in my prayers, hope you have a very Merry Christmas in spite of lockdown and send out big hugs to all.

2 thoughts on “Clinical Trial

  1. Thanks for this update Pauline. Please continue to update us about this study. I know how you feel about not walking regularly. I try to walk everyday, weather permitting, but usually have to head home within 15-20 minutes due to that urgency feeling and it would be worse with a UTI! 😦
    Hang in there Pauline! Hope you ate feeling better soon!


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