Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all here’s hoping it is going to be a good year for all and with the help of vaccine they will get Covid under control.

The end of 2020 was particularly bad for me with one UTI after another sometimes with only a weeks break in between I have had to do the full spectrum of antibiotics, which I don’t like doing because it so interferes with the natural bio of the body. I am still doing the vaccine against the bacteria that causes UTI’s and just praying that it will kick in and start working for me (like I have said before it could take up to six months to be affective).

I just bought some pumpkin oil seed to try because I seen on one of the I.C. site that it is suppose to help but, I think I am getting a rather bad allergic reaction to it, don’t know if it’s interacting with the rest I take or the vaccine but yesterday I broke out in rash all over and had to take Benadryl for some relief, so I have stopped using it for now anyway.

I am always on the look out for more information on anything that may help with the I.C. Next week I have another appointment with my physiotherapist and hopefully she will be able to do more to help me because of the constant infections she hasn’t been able to do much other than offer exercises which do help.

Till next time take care, stay safe, and hopefully we will all have a wonderful New Year.

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